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*Shirts: Any WHITE writing/design will be BLACK*    *Bottles: All designs will be SILVER due to being engraved*

*Sweatshirts: Any BLACK writing/design will be WHITE*

It’s Platinum!!! Get a great deal on a little bit of everything! Our platinum package comes with a cheer animal of your choosing, a sweatshirt for your cheerleader and stuffed animal, a t-shirt for your cheerleader and stuffed animal, and a 40 oz customized water bottle! Choose from several different designs. All t-shirts will be white to match animal shirts. All sweatshirts will be black to match animal sweatshirts. Water bottles come in 7 different colors (black, burgundy, green, navy blue, purple, red, and royal blue) and will have an engraved design and your cheerleader’s name/nickname.


Platinum Package

Original price was: $156.00.Current price is: $132.00.


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